SPAs in rugby, Leicester, Warwickshire and surrounding areas

We also specialise in bespoke integrated saunas to enhance your swimming pool complex.

Spas in LEICESTER, Rugby and the surrounding areas

Spas can be either indoor or outside and there are advantages to either location.
If you fancy an indoor Spa then you need to consider if you have a space that is big enough with a good, strong floor and adequate ventilation.

We will advise and ensure you have all the information needed to choose the spa or sauna that’s best for you.

Why Choose Progressive Pools?

Our Spas and saunas provide gentle heat for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Both can alleviate muscle soreness and body pains.

Spas and saunas are both great places to relax, ease tension and allow that much needed family time.

This means you can be environmentally con. They are fully programmable controls and the latest water purification systems. 

Sauna’s in Coventry,  Warwickshire and surrounding areas

The Benefits from the sauna, is that it relaxes the body’s muscles, improves circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are the body’s feel good chemical. releaqsing these chemicals can reduce many different health issues the main one being high blood pressure with regular sauna use.

Should you have any further questions or queries about how the process of becoming a spa or suana owner works. Please dont hesitate,
get in touch today!

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